Shaiya, ngày ấy và bây giờ (Shaiya, past and now)

VietNamese version

At the end of 11/2013 had too many changes for Shaiya to Nexon continues to bring new breath to the online role-playing game is still too grossing this. But it seems reasonable and means any changes must also retain the spirit of the game?

Sonov (now renamed Choirock Game) had birth trumps the Shaiya game that is like a “miniature part” of Lineage, from how to play the character class. Question “and Nexon Sonov” Who is better? I vividly remember the heyday of Shaiya’s time was in Chapter 2: The Return of the Dragon is a time where Sonov still busy with projects and huge ambitions in the field of game design. After the success of Shaiya server and open more than 10 countries, began Sonov influential and their partners constantly increasing, including giants Aeria Games.

From early 2012 Aeria Games has recognized with their players that “Aeria Games has received inquiries from gamers about the acquisition of Shaiya Online and Nexon game development team from Choirock Games. The acquisition will not matter to gamers “

The way that Sonov – the parent company, who gave birth to the idea Shaiya from the stage, script, programming designed to completely contrary to the way that Nexon choose. Sonov selected classic and elegant, modern style Nexon choose and practice. Compare the recent changes we can get a lot of differences:

About Interface

Sonov: I polished the game right from the start
Nexon: I liked simple 2D pictures thrown in for compact:D

About the Gears

Sonov: Costumes must be classical, new fussy with the plot because we wrote it!
Nexon: I actually like the way I modernized living close

What the incredible updates!

For Nexon, simple and professional, they do not like in something more simple and  eye-catching in Shaiya. So they changed!

For Nexon, simple and professional like they do not like in a simpler and more eye-catching than in Shaiya. So they changed!
Nexon: Characters may also transformed into robot! I like the machine and so I wrote code: D
Nexon: of course, is 1 Pet integral part of the game to add to that. Shaiya classic style which should not need it? No, I’ll do it better!
Nexon: the only map it? We will make it clear, and many more options! That is similar to the other games I got you …
Nexon: character selection screen too simple! I love modern and contemporary face must put here! Always have to change the character creation screen, how to make simple and more professional. With all of the Goddess go Etaine behind it is something that (MB: What is this?????), I will replace the simple things but this quality!!!
Nexon: so, so, yeah. The box set like new items are easy to see. Well, change is always a black and transparent to light, I do not like the classic brown look very nauseous. Items must be clearly differentiated so in inventory. Only contains the highest Money of 4 billion??? Is there any game like that? Change is always a way out of gold coins better not stars? Well, at the bottom of the chest can click on that icon and transactions with NPC immediately. ‘ve Got you look neat! (MB: he had not read the script of Shaiya??????)
Nexon: both wear a uniform and own the pet to beat Cryptic One such like new!
Nexon: Oh forgot, also the logo of Sonov too long should one little innovation. The contours of the old logo too complicated and overwhelmed, polished. I simply love it … so, that’s all: D
Nexon: We have designed for gamers! Happy Halloween


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Things have changed by Nexon is best for their game, but the problem lies in the way the two companies goes completely different. The collision between classic and modern is a mess.

Shaiya is the game has a simple interface that MB ever known, but also the the game’s lightest ever MB Experience: D The simple but thanks to the polished, stylized makes Shaiya births. Stuff that Nexon made – a very professional team does not has, is the heart of Shaiya.

Changes must have, but if only convenient, it is not the game Shaiya worth utility for programmers to gamers. Since the simple stuff and inconvenience as a map only normal mode and transparent, that is our Shaiya. Let’s also change when possible, but the one sentence, think before you change the soul of something.

Maybe in the future Shaiya will not like Shaiya , we will remain forever classic and stylish through each of Shaiya Private Server. We will make what is filtered and can not be changed in our  Private Servers because of an Online Game, once owner is changes, it can’t hold its real value . Many thanks Sonov has developed Shaiya , let continue to pursue your ambitions because you have a long way to go ahead 🙂